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9 Canvases Editing in the Context of a Process Experienced

- 9 April 2018

9 Canvases Editing in the Context of a Process Experienced


The purpose of this work is based on investigating and analyzing Aras Yazıcı’s sense of work. It is a study which examines how art is constructed as an experiential process. The artist’s goal is to realize the concept of art in 9 Canvases Editing, emancipating, attaching importance to the process, and being open to experimenting. The work is included in the process by examining an art activity based on the process, in the context of construction. The work is important because the artist including the process has observed and testified to the progression of art. This research has been examined with mixed methods which are experienced in the natural environment by the observational method by revealing the problem with descriptive analysis method.

Keywords: Aras Yazıcı, 9 Canvases, Process, Cosmos.

9 Canvases Editing

The base of 9 Canvases Editing is made by Aras Yazıcı on July 2016. Before 9 Canvases became a editing each different canvases were against traditional painting. The canvases to be used in the painting were created by Yazıcı with the material found. These materials were parts of an old wooden window or part of just a board. This action was made to contradict the understanding of classical painting. It was to criticize the beautiful, stylish canvases that were prepared to tell something and to show that it could be so. The purpose of these canvases could not have been so limited.

9 Canvases is an interdisciplinary editing work that aims to have nine art viewers to place 9 Canvases simultaneously on 9 different points of the Earth. In the prepared 9 instruction booklet, there are information about where and how to place canvases. These booklets are specially prepared for each viewer. In order to take place this editing, 9 viewers have to adopt and experience the process. The work will Show 9 viewers that the art is an experiential process, not traceable. The formats that appear in paintings are known as Mirror Form, which the Yazıcı uses in almost all its work. The Mirror Form was specially selected for its characteristic structure among hundreds of fragments of a broken mirror. As a result, this Form of Mirror is the source of the artist’s work and has become its absolute reality.

Using the Earth’s surface as a canvas

9 Canvases don’t correspond to the field of painting and don’t satisfy the artist’s field of mind.  As a result, 9 Canvases evolved into an interdisciplinary editing work. The artist creates new living editing areas by separating from the painting surface. The artist had lived there during Cosmos since the cosmos contains ideas that works must be a process and that art is a process. The paintings, sculptures, essays, and actions which he made in there during Cosmos have formed the whole of this work and editing researches have been tried. The and of editing and the birth-death time of the process is actually all of the editing. Editing, when it comes to a certain stage, has made itself and has taken its place in history by ending when it has fed itself. After the decision which the work “0 Numbered Image” the beginning of the works entitled “Being” should float in the vacuum, it was thought that it is not possible just by sending the work there so the idea of cosmos editing has emerged. The Cosmos created by these ideas has become the space, sound, and action of the artist. This interdisciplinary action has been the most important factor in preparing 9 Canvases Editing. 9 Canvases Editing manifesto were published and the Spine of the work was made up. The spine is “the using Earth’s surface as a canvas.”

aras yazıcı 9 canvases

9 Canvases, Interdisciplinary editing, 2016.

9 Canvases Editing Manifestos

Simultaneously produced 9 Canvases will be placed in 9 different points of Earth at the same time.

There will be an international call to put 9 Canvases in specified coordinates and 9 people will be selected.

When the 9 applications are completed, the date of the work will be announced and the canvases will be sent to the receivers with the instruction books as cash on delivery.

These 9 people will communicate with each other on the internet before and during the work.

These 9 people will find a way to place the canvases and they can even ask other people’s help

These 9 people will take visual and sound records to archive the works while the canvases are placing in the specified coordinates and they will share them among themselves.

Pushing the limits of your own planet

The artist writes about 9 Canvases Editing, “The world is a surface for me and I will create a space on this surface for miles long. This area is just like the space I try to do in the Cosmos. In this context “thinking infinitely and beyond the boundaries” are the words of 9 Canvases Editing. The area of resentful illusion has been challenged and questioned by this editing work. The belief in painting and it is surface has to turn into a lost faith and the idea of immersing and submerging of 9 Canvases has emerged. The basic idea is that the editing must not just be restricted by the surface of the painting. The artist designed his works to exist by collaborating volunteers, pushing the limits of the planet and destroying them.

Pushing the boundaries of time and frame

A significant portion of the work’s content determines time and frame. 9 Canvases -which will be placed in different places on Earth as time- will realize by considering time difference. In the World map, the neb of Mirror Form is determined on the basis of the coordinate of his workshop where he produces his all works. The other 8 different points correspond to the other corners of Mirror Form. In this regard; 9 Canvases will be placed Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Finland, Russia and Ukraine.

“During I exist on Earth, I’ll realize 9 Canvases Editing. As I am in the World, I will assess the time for preliminary of the work. In this way, we’ll show the power of art and what to sacrifice for a form.” (Yazıcı, 2017: 29)


9 viewers adopting and experiencing “9 Canvases Editing” is the aim of the interdisciplinary art process. A website is created to provide the necessary conditions for he editing. The viewer can follow the process of art through the website and the site has an important place for viewers to adopt this process. Art is a process, and the elements of this process alone do not make sense. In this process, art has emerged from being an object that can be traced and exhibited and has become an idea that is formed as a result of experiences in the process. It is the process and the things that are known about it, which creates the Mirror Form in the mind of the viewer. It is seen that a form which has emerged as a coincidence after the process has a meaning for us.


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