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9 Canvases

Aras Yazıcı

9 Canvases work is an interdisciplinary editing work where 9 peoples will place 9 canvases simultaneously in 9 different points of the Earth.


Aras Yazıcı

Cosmos is an interdisciplinary editing work that is implemented in 40°59’24.4”N, 29°03’07.7”E coordinates between 29.08.2016 – 09.09.2016 dates.


Aras Yazıcı

Box works are three-dimensional works whose contents are unknown and closed with many screws.


Aras Yazıcı

Entity works are death-themed paintings where objectified images are used as a painting element.


Aras Yazıcı

Image work is a three-dimensional work that emerged as a result of the objectification of an image created on the concept of death.

Works /  2016 / 2017 / 2018